My Story

My Story

Dan Williams is a photographer and videographer, a papered chef and adult educator

As a child I had but one connection to my Great Grandmother, a photograph published in a Time Life cookbook American Cooking: New England (Foods of the World). The picture depicts Maude Lear proudly standing over her wood burning stove preparing the Newfoundland delicacy, Fish 'n' Brewis. This photograph crystallized for me how special a moment in time can be.

While studying at Loyalist College, I began to research the photographer of this image and discovered that it was taken by Constantine Manos. This simple investigation opened up a whole new world of photography to me; there were so many ways that photographs communicated. In the end, I agree with Roland Barthes' argument in Camera Lucida that a photograph has to connect with us for it to be meaningful.

My love of visual storytelling has lead me on a career of journalism and teaching. I have had the great fortune to teach courses in Photography, Video Production, Web and Portfolio Development, Photojournalism History and Ethics. Customized workshops and presentations are available by request.

Please take a moment to connect with me to discuss the needs of your organization.


Photo Caption Caledonia, Ontario 2006/10/03 Larry Montour shares an afternoon campfire and his experiences with a naive photographer.